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How to clean bath toys

There are a variety of toys. In a previous article, I have shown how and why it is important to clean and sanitize the toys of our children and I made a short presentation about how to clean and sanitize toys by size, material or uses but in this article we will learn in depth how to clean our children's bath toys.

Cleaning bath toys that spend hours every week being swished around in warm, soapy water may seem silly, but it’s not. Mold and bacteria can grow inside and on the surfaces of plastic, rubber and cloth bath toys if they are not cared for properly. It’s not difficult to clean children’s bath toys if you make it a part of your weekly routine. Washing bathtub toys might seem redundant, but it’s always the dirt and germs you can’t see that cause the most trouble.

Here are 3 ways to clean the bath toys.
1.Cleaning with vinegar
Vinegar is a very effective cleaner and is a harmless natural cleaner. It should be your first choice for cleaning and preventing any “unwanted additives” and other dirt or bacteria on your child's toys.
Combine two parts warm water and one part white vinegar. The acid in the vinegar will naturally dissolve most of the dirt, so you do not need to use soap. Apple cider vinegar is also very effective at cleaning bath toys. However, white alcoholic vinegar is the best choice because it is colorless and is less likely to leave any unwanted residue.
Throw all of the toys in the sink (or bucket) and let them soak for at least 30 minutes or even an hour. Wash the outside of each toy with a natural soap and when you rinse them make sure to squeeze out ALL of the vinegar water from inside of the toy. Let them dry completely before you use them again in the bath.

2.Using the Dishwasher
To wash toys in the dishwasher, place them in a lingerie bag or a plastic dishwasher box. Make sure you put them on the top shelf and use a regular dish washing detergent. Use a heated cycle to dry the toys. Once the cycle is complete, lay the toys out on a clean towel to dry completely before putting them back in the bathtub. Any remaining moisture can cause mold growth.

3.Cleaning the Toys with Chlorine Bleach
It is best to prevent mold and mildew before it happens on your kids' bath toys. For toys that have a hole in them, always squeeze them out after bath time. Also, store them outside of the tub in a dry place. If they already have mold or mildew on them try to clean them before you throw them out.
First, clean the toys with a mild soap and sponge. Next, combine 3/4 cup chlorine bleach per gallon of warm water. Soak the prewashed toys for five minutes. If they have a hole, make sure to squeeze the toy while submerged to get the solution inside. Repeat a few times. Make sure anyway is squeeze out of the toys. Allow to dry.