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How to clear your Teddy Bear

Your child's favorite teddy bear was dirty? In this article we will learn how to easily and effectively clean the teddy bear, so your child will be happy again and ready to play.

Your child's teddy bear should be washed with care to prevent damage and to keep the fur soft!

There are so many ways your child’s favorite toy can get grubby: babies and toddlers love to suck on soft ears and hands; teddy bear picnics often end with sticky paws; and if your son or daughter has fallen ill, their precious teddy will need to be cleaned of germs. But beloved bears are more than stuffed toys to your child, so they will need to be washed with care.


Sometimes all you really need to do is spot clean teddy – particularly if it’s only a dab or two of ice-cream or honey that he’s got on his paws. The best way to do this is to:
● First, read the care label to find out any cleaning advice.
● If the care label says that spot cleaning is ok, then lightly dampen the stained area – you don’t want to soak it!
● Apply a small amount of liquid Persil detergent to a microfiber cloth. Remember to read the label on the product first and test on a small area of your teddy first before cleaning the whole bear.
● Gently dab the stain away.
● Rinse the area by using a clean, damp cloth. You could also rinse the area under running water, but be careful not to let the toy get too saturated.
● Let the clean teddy bear air dry.

Some teddy bears and soft toys should not be machine washed, even on a delicate cycle – like teddy bears made from natural fibers like wool, those stuffed with foam beads, and those that are old, fragile, or embellished with buttons, sequins, or glued-on eyes.

For those soft toys that are safe to put in the machine, follow these instructions:
● Remove any items of clothing the bear may be wearing, so they don’t get tangled in the wash.
● Repair any holes and remove any hanging threads.
● Place the bear in a net bag designed for washing delicate, or a pillowcase.
● Wash in warm to cool water on a delicate or hand-wash cycle with a Persil bio or color liquid detergent.

If you’re air-drying teddy, use a towel to squeeze the excess water out, and lay it flat in the sun. Some bears should not be hung on a line to dry as this could be damaging. Use a clean hairbrush or comb to fluff up dried fur. Once the bear is clean and restored it only needs a little bit of regular maintenance. Keep your bear free of dust by using a brush or give him a periodic gentle vacuuming.

Keep lavender bags or cedar chips nearby to prevent moths or other bugs from coming too close, especially if you have mohair or natural fur bears. Do not keep your bears sitting in direct sunlight, under or around a steady heat source such as heater vents, and never put them under hot halogen lamps.

If you need to store your bear for long periods of time, do not store in plastic bags or boxes. Place your bear in a cardboard box and wrap him in acid-free tissue or an old cotton pillowcase with some cedar ships and then store him in a cool, dry place that does not experience dramatic temperature changes.