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How to glue wigs on Masterpiece Dolls

You want to change the doll wig but you don’t know how to do that. Below are a few simplified steps to learn how to correctly apply the wig:

1. Gently removes all hair from the front of the wig to prevent the adhesive to reach the hair when you apply.

2. Match the wig on the head and think carefully where you would like to come the line of hair growth. The goal is to find the line that will appear more natural. Use an eye pencil. Draw easily the line of the wig on the head surface. This will help you to apply it in the place that looks the most natural.

3. Apply the protective solution on the area where you apply the adhesive in a reasonable amount, but not too much. Allow the solution to dry before proceeding to the next step. How do you know that dried? Protective solution will be visible on the skin as a thin and bright layer, but on touch will not be wet or sticky.

4. Apply the double-sided tape on the entire head circumference. (line of hair growth) if the wig base is full lace. If you want to use a combination of liquid adhesive and double-sided tape, you can begin to apply a thin layer of liquid adhesive and then wait several minutes to dry. After it dries (becoming tacky to the touch but not wet!), Apply double-sided tape and then another thin layer of liquid adhesive on both the tape and the skin. You have to wait 5 to 10 minutes to dry the adhesive, then you can apply wig.

5. After you have both tape and liquid adhesive on the front of the head, you can start doing the same thing in the back on the neck.

6. After you made sure that passed a few minutes to let the liquid adhesive to dry, you can begin to apply the wig on. Put the wig on the line that you applied the adhesive, ensure that you have placed the middle of the wig on the middle line of hair growth. If hair is long catch it in a ponytail to safeguard the contact with the adhesive.

7. This step is the most difficult and important whom you should ensure that allocate enough time. Start with the central part of the wig and using the tail of a comb, press the interior of the wig on the glue. Slowly and carefully you have to keep doing the same thing the entire area where the adhesive was applied to, toward one ear and then into each other (from the center to the ear). It is very important that the inner edge of the wig to be over the edge of the adhesive, so that the two overlap perfectly. Continue to press the wig on the adhesive little by little.

8. Now that the front is secure, you can begin to do the same in the neck starting with the middle.