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How to saw your Ugly Doll

Uglydoll is a brand based upon a line of plush toys which began as a long distance letter between the creators Horvath and Sun-Min Kim. The Uglydoll line was first launched in January 2001 and is distinguished by its definition of the word "ugly." In the "uglyverse," ugly means unique and special, that we should be celebrating that which makes us different, never hiding the twists or turns which make us who we are, inside and out.

One day, your child comes crying and says that the ugly doll's toy broke and tearfully asks you to fix and you wonder how to do that. But you should not have any concern, because here you have the information needed to solve this problem and the baby will be happy again.

This method will work on pretty much any soft toy animal from monkeys and elephants, to baby dolls and aliens. You can use this to reattach limbs, heads, tails and tentacles or any other body part that has come loose due to a popped line of stitching.
Find the end of the original seam that has snapped and thread onto a needle – you might need to unpick a couple of the original stitches to give enough length to pass through a needle eye and work with.
Draw the thread up to tighten the remaining portion of the original line of stitching. Work a couple of small stitches inside the seam line and fasten off. Repeat at the other end of the original seam line. By securing both ends of the original line of stitching, this seam will not work loose and require more repairs in the near future.

Now that the old broken line of stitching has been repaired, it all systems go to add in a new line of stitching to reattach teddy’s head. With the raw edges of the two parts pushed inwards, work along the opening to pin the two section together.
I like to use quilting pins for this type of project – they are really long, so can cope with the thick fabrics used in soft toys and they have colorful ends, making them easy to spot against the furry material.
Thread the needle with a length of cotton and secure with a knot to the inner section of teddy fabric at one end of the opening. Carefully work across the section small neat slip stitches – catching the fabric on the inner edge of one part and then the inner edge of the other before drawing up to tighten the stitch.
Remove the pins as you sew and add in any softer toy stuffing if needed. The line of small slip stitches will have secured the two pieces together, if you want to be doubly sure (which is always wise when stitching things for Littles to reduce any risk of hazard) then work back across the line you’ve stitched, trying to catch the fabric on each side as close to the line of the seam just created so the stitches won’t be visible.